Work Conditioning


By focusing on early diagnostics and prevention, we can help reduce on-the-job injuries and associated treatment costs. But when injuries happen, the right recovery can be the difference between a quick, safe return to duty and a lengthy, costly rehabilitation.

  • Creative solutions for quick, safe return to duty
  • High-energy, tactical athlete-focused atmosphere
  • Real-time reporting and documentation systems
  • Immediate injury reporting to quickly initiate care

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Better Outcomes, Reduced Days Off

The PTP approach enables a quicker, safer return to work, resulting in 50% reduction in the number of shift days off. Recovery programs are designed to deliver maximum benefit and efficiency:

  • PTP facility and trainer schedules are designed for maximum convenience
  • A holistic approach that includes assessments and preventive diagnostics improves strength, nutrition and body composition for better outcomes

60% of all early retirements are due to low back injuries.

2013 CA Academy Study

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