ben heffner

I came to PROTEAM for rehab of a total hip replacement. This was my 34th surgery for different orthopedic injuries and illnesses. I have to say that my therapist, Beth, was the absolute best therapist that I have ever been treated by. Her care and concern went well beyond any physical therapy that I have ever had before. I feel so confident in my rehab and that I will continue to get stronger and better. She is an asset to your business. Truely, Ben Heffner

Benjamin Heffner

I am a firefighter with a torn achilles and have had and will continue to have physical therapy from ProTeam Tactical Performance. The staff and treatment from ProTeam Tactical has been outstanding. I have had treatment done with another provider, and I felt like I was being herded through. However, PTP has gone above and beyond with their excellent personalized care and treatment. I highly recommend not getting injured, but if you do and need physical therapy give ProTeam Tactical a call.

Joel M.

The well-being and safety of my officers is my number one concern. Just like an athlete, when an officer is injured they are sidelined and oftentimes their duty is restricted. When I have officers injured, I turn to ProTeam Tactical Performance. Their state-of-the-art facility and wealth of knowledge when treating injured officers is second to none. My officers are treated as true professionals from the time they walk in the door – they are taken seriously and their rehabilitation is comprehensive. My officers tell me that the care they have received from ProTeam Tactical Performance is unlike any they have received before. I take comfort in knowing that ProTeam Tactical has my officers’ back, as well as their hamstrings.

John Mann
Noblesville Chief of Police

ProTeam Tactical has been a phenomenal asset for me. After surgery, I chose to work with ProTeam for my physical therapy and am glad that I made that choice. Beth has been awesome and has played a major role in my recovery. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They understand the demands of our job and tailor physical therapy to those needs. In my opinion, one of the best aspects of ProTeam is you are getting a program tailored to your specific needs rather than a generic post-operation protocol. I would highly recommend using Proteam Tactical Performance!

Travis Lee
Noblesville Fire Department

After 18 years on the fire department, I had an injury that required surgery and potentially 6 months off. Before ProTeam Tactical Performance was involved in our treatment and recovery, I would have been very worried about going through the process. I’m extremely fortunate I had them during my entire recovery and was able to return to work faster than my ortho anticipated!

Joe Scheumann
Noblesville Fire Department

To ProTeam, Jessica and most of all, Anna, while you might not think you’ve saved my life, you’ve enabled me to continue the only thing I could ever imagine doing with it. Thank you.

Mason McQuigg
Indianapolis Fire Department

I recently saw Proteam for a non-work related injury. From the initial call the staff was very responsive. They got me in for treatment the following day. Nicole was extremely professional and and very detailed. After several treatments, I am now pain free. I would highly recommend their services for anyone suffering pain and or mobility issues.

Scott Rolston
Chief of Police
Jeffrey Coffey

The world class facility at ProTeam Tactical coupled with the phenomenal staff (specifically therapist Anna Thomas and front office staff Jessica Perez) provide an environment exclusive for public safety to become the best version of themselves. They tailor all of your treatments and exercises around the challenges of professionals in public safety with an emphasis on flexibility, mobility and strengthening exercises specific to job functions. If you are ever in need of therapy, I would highly recommend receiving treatment at this facility. They treat their patients with an exemplary level of professionalism and care that is second to none.

Jeffrey Coffey
Indiana State Police

After my car crash with a drunk driver on duty I came to Proteam. After treatment I feel much better and am ready to return to work. Thanks Proteam for helping me get back to assisting the citizens of Indianapolis in solving problems and improving their lives. Officer Madriz


Went to Pro Team with an arm injury. Upon the first visit it was determined I probably had a bi lateral tear in my bicep and would need an MRI. While still being evaluated at Pro Team I was contacted by Ortho Indy for an initial appointment. The speed of the process and care that was extended by Pro Team and their relationship with Ortho Indy was amazing. This is usually a long process to get the care needed through workers comp. My surgery was scheduled along with therapy as well as a time line for the recovery. Pro Team is top notch from the owners to everyone on their staff. If you or someone on your Department is injured this is the best place for them to go to get professional help and get back to work. Thanks to Pro Team and their amazing staff I was back to full duty work in less than 4 months from the date of surgery. It’s nice to know there is a special place that cares for First Responders, along with understanding the job requirements. Chief Brian Hartman Greenfield Police Department

Brian Hartman
Chief of Police

The ProTeam staff was amazing. They not only helped me heal but improved the ability of the injured area.

Korey R Newman
Patrol Officer

Dr. White was very professional and explained every detail of my injury in a way I can understand. She made each visit enjoyable and was very knowledgeable of the exercises that I needed to do in order for my injury to properly heal. I will personally request dr. White for all future injuries.

Micah Murphy
Police Officer

Kaylee and the team at proteam told me don’t stop believing. They fixed me up and I could let it go and get back to work. Thank you for everything

Tom P

Kaylee was awesome. Always clear with exercises and goals. I could tell she was incredibly knowledgeable on my injury. She actually made physical therapy something to look forward to.

Tom McKiernan

I was injured in a major vehicle accident and suffered multiple injuries. Dr. Kim White and the Pro Team staff gave me the best treatment and exceeded my expectations. As a 25-year veteran, I have been injured many times and never received the quality of care I have received from Pro Team. Dr. Kim is the BEST!!!

Eric Eads
Indianapolis Metro Police Deptartment

Came in with zero mobility and significant neck pain after falling down on top of my head. Beth Walters worked with me at length to improve and get me back to work. Due to the complexity of my injury, I was seeing numerous therapists and doctors however Beth was the one that I felt listened to my concerns and explanations of pain and tailored my therapy to greatly improve my range of motion and pain management instead of just going down the checklist or going through the motions. I was apprehensive of going to physical therapy at the start but would now recommend Proteam for injuries in the future.

jeremy a. green

I had rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery on my left shoulder. I started physical therapy in October 2021. I went twice a week every week until my recent graduation in April 2022. The care I received from Nicole Shelburne exceeded all expectations. I had near the same injury on the right shoulder 3 years prior. The PT that I received through Proteam Tactical actually helped my other shoulder also. I am extremely grateful that I was able to go to a facility designed to focus on my duties as a firefighter. I will definitely recommend Proteam Tactical Performance tall all of my fellow brothers and sisters. With all of my heart, THANK YOU!!! -Deputy Fire Chief Jeremy A. Green-

Jeremy A. Green
Rushville Fire Department

I had a lingering on duty injury from summer 2021 involving my Achilles tendon and hip. I was finally able to see a therapist at Pro Team to treat my hip. Beth Walters was assigned to my case and I felt well taken care of from day 1. I didn’t think confidence in my hip would ever come back, but after working with Beth it did. It took 12 or so weeks of therapy and a steroid injection, but my confidence, mobility, and strength has increased exponentially. Beth really knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her. I feel more normal now thanks to her. She is definitely an asset to ProTeam and the Police/Fire profession.

Police Officer

The services and equipment provided through my on duty injury could not have been any better. Kalie Jenkins was not only professional and knowledgeable, but she was a pleasure to visit with too. What a great service for our members.

Steve Moore
Westfield Fire Department

I came to Pro team for a shoulder/ chest injury that I sustained on a call. Kalie worked with me from the minute I walked in the door to diagnose, treat and ultimately strengthen and heal my injuries. The amount of knowledge Kalie and the rest of the staff here at Pro team is second to none. I would highly recommend Pro team for any fire or police dept. Very satisfied with my progress and treatment.

Steve Miller
Logansport fire dept.

Kim and Beth are both the absolute best. Kim took the time from the start to ensure I was given the best possible care and treatment. Kim actively listened to my concerns and helped make me feel at ease through some of the tougher times and inform me of what to expect with recovery. Kim and Beth both pushed me through the post op phase and are the reason my recovery went smooth. I honestly can not say enough about how fantastic and knowledgeable Kim and Beth are in rehab procedures and techniques. I am feel extremely luck that we have professionals like them taking care of us when we get hurt and trust both of them with putting us back together when we are injured.

Brad Hunt

My experience with ProTeam Tactical was at a different. Their Preparation, Application, Communication and Commitment to a complete recovery was at a different level . I first noticed that they were operating on a different level when I walked into their treatment room with my injury. They were prepared to evaluate me immediately. No waiting around. The evaluation was comprehensive and complete. Once my evaluation was completed a Doctors appointment was schedule for me for the next day. The next level started when I began therapy. The ProTeam had a systematic plan in their approach for my therapy that they explained to me in full detail. It began slowly and progress throughout my treatment. The communication between the ProTeam and Doctor was at a level that I didn’t expect. Working as a team they made assessment and adjustments to my treatment as needed along the way. Last but not least. The details in my return to duty therapy plan was well thought out and prepared me that I could preform at the expected level upon retuning to full duty status. I would recommend the ProTeam Tactical Performance team to any injured officer as they pursue their journey toward recovery. ProTeam Rocks!!! Thanks for all you do!

Robert Henderson

This was my first time using this service. Compared to services received in the past at other facilities, this was far and away better. Dr. White seems to understand the unique requirements of my chosen profession and how that differs from other jobs. She was very professional and straight forward, both of which are very appreciated. I would highly recommend Pro Team to anyone seeking top of the line care.

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