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Develop Resilient Recruits through DARI Motion

Poor functional movement quality has been associated with increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries among tactical athletes. However, by taking a proactive approach and utilizing early diagnostic and prevention tools, departments can reduce injuries and the severity of injuries while also saving costs.

How do we do it?

Early diagnostics and prevention reduce injuries and the severity of injuries while also saving costs. Using a variety of tools, technology and assessments, ProTeam Tactical gets a holistic view of a tactical professional’s flexibility, range of motion and power output, equipping us with data to assist your team in developing a recruit training program built on a foundation of functional movement.

What is DARI Motion?

DARI Motion is a motion capture system that collects precise, accurate and comprehensive biomechanics data that can be used to assess the physical health of first responders.

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Our industry-leading technology allows us to make immediate, informed decisions to best treat and improve any physical imbalances of the personnel within your department.

How will your department benefit from DARI Motion technology?

DARI Motion is the most advanced, precise and accurate movement technology system in the industry. In order to provide your tactical athletes with the best care possible, you need industry-leading technology and data that identifies physical issues that could result in injury.

Understanding risks and taking steps to proactively reduce the chance of injury helps tactical professionals better meet the demands of the job. In some cases, we’ve reduced injuries by 50% with preventative assessments. 

By investing in movement assessment technology, you can develop resilient recruits, reduce time away from the job due to injury, and, most importantly, keep your people and communities safe.

Does this sound like something that your department could benefit from? Tell us more:


Yes. First responders with poor movement abilities are 4.7x more likely to sustain a musculoskeletal injury. By identifying imbalances with the potential to cause injuries early on, you can prevent injuries from occurring and save your department significant amounts of money. 

DARI Motion can identify physical weaknesses and barriers that can cause injury down the road. By implementing a program that strengthens those areas, your tactical professionals will have greater mobility and fitness levels that will help them perform better while on-duty. 

DARI Motion tracks 21 bone segments and nine joints with six-degrees of freedom, kinematics and kinetics in all planes, range of motion, joint torques, internal and external rotation at the hip, shoulder abduction, anterior and posterior coronal deviation, neuromuscular engagement, center of mass sway in all planes, and all joints in space.

Once DARI Motion is fully set up and integrated, it only takes 15-20 minutes of a tactical professional’s time to gather a comprehensive physical analysis of their body.

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