ProTeam Tactical Performance is expanding to South Carolina

ProTeam Tactical Performance, a resource to multiple first responders in Indiana, is expanding to South Carolina.

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi and former St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Joey Vandever are co-owners of ProTeam.

After retirement, the duo has been dedicated to helping first responders improve their physical and mental well-being for optimal performance in the line of duty and enjoying life after retirement.

“As professional athletes, we had access to some of the best resources available throughout our careers when it came to rehabbing and recovering from injuries to get back on the field,” Sorgi said.

“Why shouldn’t our first responders receive that same level of care? Our mission at ProTeam Tactical Performance is to put similar resources, approaches, and solutions to work for our first responders and help them get back to work in a quick, safe, and efficient manner — and hopefully even prevent injuries before they happen,” Sorgi continued.

ProTeam takes a holistic approach to improve first responders’ mental and physical health.

“We’ve been able to help many first responders throughout Central Indiana and are incredibly excited to expand our efforts to improve the quality of life for first responders in South Carolina,” Vandever said.

“These professionals signed up to serve their community. They want to be active and out there instead of on the sidelines recovering. They choose to put their lives on the line every day, so it’s an honor to work side by side with them and give these heroes the quality of care they deserve.”

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