Take a proactive approach to prevent injuries and create better movers

Preventative Assessments

Early diagnostics and prevention reduce injuries and the severity of injuries while also saving costs. Using a variety of tools, technology and assessments, ProTeam Tactical gets a holistic view of a tactical professional’s health, endurance and strength, equipping us with data to make informed recommendations on preventative programs.

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Movement Assessment With Dari Motion

  • Only FDA approved movement technology
  • Objective data, providing year over year comparisons
  • Takes no more than 6-10 minutes to complete the screen
  • Baselines for each tactical professional
  • Easy to read and understand results
  • Up to nine pages of data for our staff and yours
  • Preventative exercises included

Reduce Injuries, Save Costs

Understanding risks and taking steps to proactively reduce the chance of injury helps tactical professionals better meet the demands of the job. In some cases, PTP has reduced injuries by 50% with assessments.

Preventative Assessment

“Poor movers” accounted for $889,263 of injury costs versus $132,925 from “good movers”.

2013 CA Academy Study

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