Daily Nutrition Education

  • Virtual education – daily education and dietitian engagement
  • 5-7 posts/video per week
    • Videos, recipes, virtual grocery store tours, cooking videos)
    • LIVE sessions that include Q&A/1x per month
  • Polls to learn about police officer needs
  • Polls to show police officer progression


  • Seasonal Cookbooks in e-book format
    • E-book – each district prints their own

Quarterly Enewsletter

  • Distributed via email

Guide To Healthy Eating (E-book)

  • Recipes
  • Grocery list
  • Organization
  • Equipment List
  • Labels
Nutrition Education

Online Nutrition Course & Programs

In a physically and emotionally demanding career, first responders’ nutrition is just as important as strength training and movement when it comes to their overall well-being.

At ProTeam Tactical Performance, we provide holistic solutions, paired with our team’s expertise, to create nutritional courses and programs that help efficiently fuel tactical athletes and create healthier and stronger individuals.

Our nutritional services include:

  • Daily Virtual Education
    • Videos, recipes, virtual grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations.
    • Available 365 days a year
  • Live Q&A Session with the Dietitian 1x per month.
  • Monthly Nutrition Courses
  • Online Courses
    • 15 nutrition courses available at all times covering all topics of nutrition and wellness

Our courses are hosted in an app called Healthie, which allows you to take courses, track food and exercise, connect with a dietitian for any questions and more.

Learn how to adjust your tactical professionals’ nutrition and lifestyle to enhance physical well-being, improve mental health and increase job performance.

Annually, 678,000 US deaths are attributed to nutrition-related diseases.

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