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Elite Rehabilitation

ProTeam Tactical rehabilitation programs are designed to deliver maximum benefit and efficiency while keeping the tactical professional engaged and motivated. By leveraging a high-frequency, high-quality approach to rehabilitation, we promote rehab compliance and deliver better outcomes, which reduces lost days.

  • Dynamic, athletic environment
  • Full spectrum of modalities and therapies
  • Mobility, stability and flexibility education
  • Integrated mental health component
Pro Team Tactical Facility
ProTeam Tactical Performance

Improve Performance, Prevent Re-Injury

Personalized rehab is delivered using the latest technology, equipment and methods to speed recovery time and prevent re-injury so tactical professionals can safely get back on the job. With a state-of-the-art facility and highly skilled, local providers, PTP offers a complete rehab solution that seamlessly integrates with any prevention or treatment program.

  • Real-time reporting and documentation systems
  • Facility and trainer schedules designed for maximum convenience

Early intervention and preventative therapy pays off:

  • 60% savings on physical therapy and orthopedic costs

Use of an athletic trainer reduces work-related injuries by up to 25%.

2008 NATA

Virtually walk through our athletic inspired elite rehabilitation location downtown Indianapolis