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SHIELD™: Behavioral Health Platform


1 %
of first responders self-reported struggling with substance abuse.
1 %
of first responders have contemplated suicide.
1 %
of all departments do not have behavioral health programs.

The numbers are alarming, and they’re only increasing.

First responders have an important role of protecting the our communities, but when was the last time you took measures to protect them?

Consistent exposure to disasters, accidents and death comes at a cost. The highly stressful and emotional demands placed on tactical professionals can cause devastating psychological effects. To an outsider, unsafe environments and tragedy are a routine part of the job. But to a tactical professional, the toll traumatizing disasters take on the mind and body every day never get easier.

Mental fatigue from job-related trauma puts public safety officials at high risk for self-destructive behaviors. Plus, for professionals with physical injuries from the line of duty who are facing a long recovery and extended time off, mental health care plays a critical role in the speed and outcome of rehabilitation.

Recognizing and addressing behavioral health problems within the public safety sector is incredibly important. When you provide mental health resources for your personnel, you create healthier workers who can excel in the line of duty.

That’s where SHIELD™ comes in.

SHIELD™ is a proactive solution to behavioral health that allows tactical professionals to better understand behavioral struggles they’re facing, and department leads to assess the overall status of their department. With comprehensive access to real-time statistics, departments can better advocate for their people.

former colts qb jim sorgi helps roll out new platform to help police, firefighters with behavioral health
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1 %
of firefighters surveyed report being haunted by memories of traumatic work situations.
average number of critical incidents witnessed over the course of a law enforcement officer's career
1 %
of tactical professionals surveyed were unwilling to get help because of the behavioral health stigma.

What can SHIELD™ do?

SHIELD™ is highly customizable to your needs, allowing you to pick and choose which appraisals you want your team to take to better understand and fit the needs of your department. 

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Your department can choose from the following appraisals:  

  • Substance Abuse (DSM-5) 
  • Stress (PSS) 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress (PD-5) 
  • Anxiety (GAD-7) 
  • Depression (PHQ-9)
  • Sleep Quality (ESS)
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Through SHIELD, your department can complete appraisals that assess current well-being, document job-related stressors, and have direct access to crisis hotlines and websites that will give your people the right resources they need when they have immediate concerns — and it’s all done anonymously. 

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