About Us

At ProTeam Tactical Performance, our team is passionate about providing first responders the exceptional care they deserve.

With our team’s extensive experience, ranging from D1 athletic trainers to professional athletes, along with our state-of-the-art resources and partnerships with the area’s top physicians, we’re proud to help our local heroes get back to work quicker, safer and stronger than ever. 

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Our Team

jim sorgi

Jim Sorgi


Joey Vandever

Joey Vandever


tim drudge

Tim Drudge

Director of Operations

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David Smith

Director of Business Development

ned shannon

Ned Shannon

Licensed Athletic Trainer

anna foster

Anna Foster

Licensed Athletic Trainer

beth final

Elizabeth Walters

Licensed Athletic Trainer

Kimberly White

Kimberly White

Licensed Athletic Trainer

brooke stevenson

Brooke Stevenson

Licensed Athletic Trainer

anna thomas

Anna Thomas

Clinical Operations Manager

nicole shelburne

Nicole Shelburne

Licensed Physical Therapist

Adam Grannan

Adam Grannan

Licensed Physical Therapist

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Dr. Todd Arnold, MD

Sports Medicine Physician

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Kaylee Ellis, PT, DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

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Kalie Jenkins

Athletic Trainer

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Dylan Brown

Athletic Trainer

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Jade Myers

Account Manager, SE

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Betsy Wagner


jessica perez

Jessica Perez

Office Administrator

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Jordyn West

Sr. Account Manager

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Michael Zangl, CSCS

Movement and Performance

Headshot of Lindsay Spears

Lindsay Spears, PT, DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

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Stefanie Rust, PT, DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

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Bianca Clark

Administrative Assistant

lindsay sutera

Lindsay Sutera, PT, DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

kerry nelson

Kerry Nelson, CSCS

Movement & Performance

What our clients say

After 18 years on the fire department, I had an injury that required surgery and potentially 6 months off. Before ProTeam Tactical Performance was involved in our treatment and recovery, I would have been very worried about going through the process. I’m extremely fortunate I had them during my entire recovery and was able to return to work faster than my ortho anticipated!
Joe Scheumann
Noblesville Fire Department
Kaylee was awesome. Always clear with exercises and goals. I could tell she was incredibly knowledgeable on my injury. She actually made physical therapy something to look forward to.
Tom McKiernan
Went to Pro Team with an arm injury. Upon the first visit it was determined I probably had a bi lateral tear in my bicep and would need an MRI. While still being evaluated at Pro Team I was contacted by Ortho Indy for an initial appointment. The speed of the process and care that was extended by Pro Team and their relationship with Ortho Indy was amazing. This is...
Brian Hartman
Chief of Police
I am a firefighter with a torn achilles and have had and will continue to have physical therapy from ProTeam Tactical Performance. The staff and treatment from ProTeam Tactical has been outstanding. I have had treatment done with another provider, and I felt like I was being herded through. However, PTP has gone above and beyond with their excellent personalized care and treatment. I highly recommend not getting injured, but...
Joel M.
The services and equipment provided through my on duty injury could not have been any better. Kalie Jenkins was not only professional and knowledgeable, but she was a pleasure to visit with too. What a great service for our members.
Steve Moore
Westfield Fire Department
I came to Pro team for a shoulder/ chest injury that I sustained on a call. Kalie worked with me from the minute I walked in the door to diagnose, treat and ultimately strengthen and heal my injuries. The amount of knowledge Kalie and the rest of the staff here at Pro team is second to none. I would highly recommend Pro team for any fire or police dept. Very...
Steve Miller
Logansport fire dept.
ProTeam Tactical has been a phenomenal asset for me. After surgery, I chose to work with ProTeam for my physical therapy and am glad that I made that choice. Beth has been awesome and has played a major role in my recovery. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They understand the demands of our job and tailor physical therapy to those needs. In my opinion, one of...
Travis Lee
Noblesville Fire Department
Dr. White was very professional and explained every detail of my injury in a way I can understand. She made each visit enjoyable and was very knowledgeable of the exercises that I needed to do in order for my injury to properly heal. I will personally request dr. White for all future injuries.
Micah Murphy
Police Officer
Virtually walk through our athletic inspired elite rehabilitation location downtown Indianapolis