How are you helping your professionals maximize their performance?

Serving those who serve us—We are here for you.

We’re dedicated to treating first responders like professional athletes, maximizing their performance for the job and once they leave the job.

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We help get your tactical athletes back to optimal health after an injury, reduce the risk of further injuries and improve their performance to meet the demands of their job.

Through our comprehensive programs, compassionate experts and state-of-the-art equipment, we help tactical professionals
stay healthy, improve their job performance, recover faster and return to duty in a safe, efficient manner.

of work-related injuries can be reduced by working with an athletic trainer.
of musculoskeletal injuries don't need surgery​
of all early retirements are due to low back injuries.

What our clients say

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With DARI Motion – the only FDA-approved motion health solution – ProTeam Tactical Performance can fully assess an individual’s musculoskeletal health and movement abilities in minutes.

With DARI Motion, ProTeam Tactical Performance is able to fully assess an individual’s musculoskeletal health and movement abilities in minutes.

We support our local heroEs

ProTeam Tactical Performance is proud to partner with many Indiana fire and police departments, including Indianapolis Metropolitan, Fishers, Lawrence, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Kokomo and more, to deliver preventive and recovery solutions that keep our hometown heroes healthy and help them recover faster and stronger. Benefits include:

As Chief of the Noblesville Police Department, the well-being and safety of my officers is my number one concern. Just like an athlete, when an Officer is injured they are sidelined and oftentimes their duty is restricted. When I have officers injured, I turn to ProTeam Tactical Performance. Their state of the art facility and wealth of knowledge when treating injured officers is second to none. My Officers are treated as true professionals from the time they walk in the door. Their injury is taken seriously and their rehabilitation is comprehensive. The treatment plans are designed for each specific officers' injury which, I feel, plays a part in faster recovery. My officers tell me that the care they have received from ProTeam Tactical Performance is unlike any they have received before. It is a great feeling as Chief when Officers thank me for partnering with ProTeam Tactical so they can have the best care possible that focuses on maximizing their health and recovery. The partnership that Noblesville Police Department has with Proteam Tactical has been an extreme blessing during a very difficult year. I take comfort in knowing that Proteam Tactical has my officers' back, as well as their hamstrings.
John Mann
Noblesville Chief of Police